Vetoquinol Promotion

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1. Customize

Click the green link and follow the steps below:

  • Any Tube Color, Any Head Size
  • Any Head Design
  • Add to Cart

renlor single

2. Checkout

Be sure to enter your Vetoquinol Discount Code at checkout.

Make sure you click "Apply Coupon"

$750 purchase = 1 stethoscope*
$1500 purchase = 2 stethoscopes*
$2250 purchase = 3 stethoscopes*

Attention multi-scope qualifiers;
Because these are customized stethoscopes - each stethoscope order must be submitted individually. If you qualify for more than one stethoscope, please use the same discount code (Vtq10171) for each submission.

*All invoices will be validated for qualification before stethoscopes are sent.

3. Arrival

After your order has been completed - Please allow for an estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

Questions or concerns can be directed to: